Argentina Wine

About the Wine Reviews


Generally this is the winery brand/label. Some bodega labels are a 'secondary' label for a major wine producer. This will not generally not be noted in the header information as the review data is simply designed to help identify the wine in a wine-merchant's, supermarket, or restaurant.


Many bodegas produce several wines of the same variety, for example utilising more barrel-aging in the higher-end wines, and differentiate them for retail by grouping them in sub-label 'ranges' aimed at different price-points. If the wine is not classified as part of a range this field will read “n/a”.


Wines are described as they are described on the bottle. Therefore, if the wine is sold as a varietal it will be so described; if sold as a D.O.C or under a generic description such as “Tinto” or “Borgogne” it will similarly be classified in these terms. If available, dominant grape varieties will be noted in the accompanying text.


Non-vintage wines or wines where year of harvest is not disclosed are classified “n/a”.


Geographical origin of the fruit as disclosed by the bodega.


Approximate price in Argentine pesos at retail at the time of review. Occasionally a range will be given where there is noticeable variation in the market. Expect to pay more in a restaurant. Approximate value in US dollars is also given, using the July 2006 exchange rate of about AR$3 = US$1.


The rating system is 0-5 stars. Ratings are somewhat weighted for relative enjoyability within a wine's price bracket and are based on how the wine was drinking at the time of review. Factors such as cellar potential are not considered.

However, the reviews try to describe as accurately as possible how a wine actually tastes; what style it is; what sort of glass you can expect when you pull the cork. If the description sounds like the sort of wine you like, it really doesn't matter what rating it has here at Argentina Wine Guide.

Finally, as with all wine tasting, factors such as bottle storage and cork taint, service temperature, dirty glassware, food influences on the palate, and above all subjective taste may affect your own experience of these wines. The conclusions are the author's own, nothing more and nothing less!